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Competition Details

CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS (Important Dates may change)



1. Using Unity 3D as game engine.

It remains mandatory to use Unity 3D as game engine, no matter the version used (free or licensed). Teams that use the free version are not disadvantaged by the features included in the licensed or pro version.

2. Graduation by or before April, 2015.

It remains mandatory for all students to obtain their Bachelor’s degree or their higher education’s diploma on or before April, 2015.

3. To represent a university in the Competition, at least 50% of the team must consist of students from this institution.

This rule remains mandatory.

A university that wishes to create a team must designate a teacher in charge of this team. A university cannot have more than one team participating in the presentation of prototypes.

If a university cannot create a team, it must designate a contact person who will be in charge of registering, with Academia, students who wish to participate in the Competition by joining teams from other participating universities.

4. Communication focused on projects and students.

Since teams now have a strong tendency to include members from various universities, communications will focus more on (in order): 1) the project, 2) students, 3) universities attended by participating students.

5. Presentation of prototypes: Dates and structure modified.

Keeping in mind that travelling to Montreal is costly and time-consuming for a few participating teams, days dedicated to the presentation of prototypes are amended as follows:

· The presentation of prototypes will be held on Thursday and Friday, April 10 and 11, 2014 (instead of Wednesday and Thursday, April 9 and 10).

· It is understood that universities outside Québec will be presenting on Friday April 11.

· Both days of presentation now have the same structure:

· AM: presentation of prototypes before jury.

· PM: teams meet with the jury, the Summer School producer and recruiters from Ubisoft Canadian studios.

· All teams will know in advance on which day they present their prototypes. However, it is strongly suggested that all teams attend both mornings dedicated to presentations, on April 10 and 11.

· The Academia Awards prize-giving event remains on April 17. This is also when the participants in the Summer School will be announced.

Full Details (important dates may change)