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Student Projects

Have a project you developed as a student whether personal or for school? Let us know by emailing us at


The Pure Kleptomania project was developed by Lily Beul and started out as a project between a few individuals, then over the course of a year has expanded into a project encompassing a few dozen students. This opportunity has allowed for individuals to learn valuable programming skills and initiative while developing a game engine in C++, OpenGL, FreeGlut, and OpenAL. The Pure Kleptomania project is a top down 2D game engine that is designed to act as a tool to teach people how to build programming structures, from the basic functions and classes to complicated structures like preprocessor directives. Currently our team consists of 12 people and is lead by Ryan Davis, Cole Willison, and Benjamin Isherwood, these individuals have worked tirelessly to manage this project and continue to allow outreach to new members.

The Dungeon Crew

Description coming soon!

Insanity’s Blade

 Check out a video game co-founded by one of McMaster’s first year students! Insanity’s Blade a video game based on a comic series of the same name. The game itself brings back the classic NES/8-bit elements of gameplay, while also adding some new features and faster action.

Details here:

Beta demo of the game available online at:

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