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Installing Freeglut

Installing Freeglut PDF (same as below)

Created by the McMaster Game Development Association

1) Install Visual Studios (Preferably VS 2012)
-It is not a free software but some with some researching, you’ll be able to find a copy at a ‘low price’

2) Download Freeglut (Most recent version is recommended)
-Unzip contents to your desktop

3) Navigate to Visual Studio -> Your version number -> freeglut.sln

4) Open the solution. On Menu bar, under build, build solution

5) Once you built the solution, there will be a lib direction in the freeglut folder on your desktop

6) Navigate to lib->x86->debug

7) move the freeglut.dll into c:->Windows->System32

8) move the rest of the files in to your visual studios directory (Program filex86->Microsoft Visual studio->VC-

10) Navigate back to your freeglut folder->Include

11) move the GL folder into your visual studios -> VC -> Include folder

12) OpenGL should work for you now! Enjoy!

If freeglut doesn’t work for you after you completed these steps, moce the freeglut.dll file from system32 to


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